Student Perspective-3 students share their experience from the Golden State Warriors Kick Off Event

We love to hear stories of reflection from students at Active Alliance events. Below, students from Hayward High School share their stories from the event.

The Golden State Warriors recently held their Active Alliance Season Kick-off event at Oracle Arena for students of Hayward and San Lorenzo High Schools. Students were treated to a panel of Warriors personnel featuring David Kelly, General Counsel and Vice President; Basketball Legal Affairs, Adonal Foyle; Golden State Warriors Alumni and Community Ambassador and Kirk Lacob Assistant General Manager, Golden State Warriors. The panelists shared personal stories of working with the Warriors that helped shape them for their current roles. The panel gave students an inside perspective into the world of professional sports with personal stories aimed to inspire students to make healthy life choices on and off the court. After the panel, the students attended the Warriors Open Practice Event that included select fans and partners who were invited to watch the Warriors practice. The event was an exciting way for the students to get an inside look at their favorite players, what they do to warm up and how they practice.

Omar Garrett of Hayward High School, who was chosen by Warriors small forward Draymond Green to join the team on the court to shoot around, reflected on his experience at the event:

When I went to the Warriors basketball clinic last year I got to meet some of the players. It was a fun experience because I love the Warriors and they are my favorite team. However, I had a chance to go to the open practice for the 2021/2021 season and I got to meet all the players. I had a fun time meeting the people I look up to and want to be like in the future. It was an amazing feeling to be able to practice with the Warriors in front of their home fans. I was beyond excited when Draymond picked me to come onto the court to practice making the half court shots with the team. The noise level from the crowd was a lot different than my usual crowd level of when I am playing my basketball games in front of my home crowd at Hayward High. When I made the half court shot, the crowd went crazy and I felt like I was one of the Warriors players. One thing that stuck with me beyond the Warriors open practice is when Warriors alum, Adonal Foyle said, “athletes die twice, when they end their career and when they die and leave this Earth.” That has me thinking about what I want to do after my basketball career. I look forward to going to another camp, clinic or even game soon.

Ashanti Curry, a Hayward High student, shares her experience of getting onto the court with the entire Warriors team and letting Stephen Curry know they are probably related:

When I went to the Warriors open practice, I was very excited. I had been looking forward to going for the past two weeks and finally it was time. I was expecting this to be kind of like last year; how it was set up like a basketball training camp with games and stuff but instead, this time it was an open practice. It was pretty fun to sit and watch the players contest with each other but not really go all out. It was also better in comparison to last time because we were able to see the entire team. I like how finally, they were picking people from the crowd to come on the court and I was picked. I can’t even begin to describe the feeling. I guess it was kind of like a dream; I was on the basketball court with people I usually watch play from my tv at home… now I was shooting around with them. I was kind of nervous when they put the ball in my hand but once I let the first shot fly, it felt like a natural practice for me. When all those shots started going in, it felt even better. I was showcasing my skills in front of pros and their fans out in the audience. What made this experience even better was that I got to talk to Stephen Curry. I asked him if he would believe that we were actually related and then I showed him my ID. His reaction was “Uh oh! We got a Curry over here!” That’s when I really felt the need to ‘ballout’. The entire experience was fun and I want to get to meet and talk with the Warriors team every year.

Chantal Remillard, a Hayward High student, who was the lucky winner of court-side tickets to a Warriors game for asking the most amount of questions as well as the most creative questions:

Being very involved with sports and the sports editor of my school, given the opportunity to attend the Warrior’s clinic, I took it without question. It was a great opportunity to hear the speakers like David and Kurt, it was very inspirational that you don’t have to be a professional athlete to still have an exciting job in the sports industry. When I asked the questions I didn’t know of what my exact prize was going to be. I had no idea that my seats were at the announcer’s table and that it included he VIP lounge with free food and drinks. It was a great experience and I’m glad I got to go. I want to thank the Warriors and everyone involved in getting me my tickets it was a fun game that my friend and I both enjoyed.

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