The Active Allianceis a youth-focused partnership withCalifornia’s four professional basketball teamsto build healthier communities

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Dr. Oz and NBA Partner to promote healthy living in NYC schools

The NBA will get an assist from Dr. Oz this season, when the league and the talk-show host will work together to give city public-school kids in the greater New York area lessons on how to lead healthier lives. The program, to be carried out by Dr. Mehmet Oz¹s nonprofit HealthCorps and NBA Cares, will visit 13 public schools in the city and will emphasize an active lifestyle and mental toughness.

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Active Alliancewhat we do

The Active Alliance is a California-based partnership designed to educate and inspire children to become physically and mentally fit.

The members of the Alliance include HealthCorps, a not-for-profit founded by Dr. Oz and his wife Lisa, California’s four professional basketball teams and The California Endowment. The goal is to reach 10,000 kids within the next year.

The teams each partner with 2 – 4 local “HealthCorps High Schools”.  At these schools, a HealthCorps Coordinator executes Alliance programming in tandem with community relations staff from the professional sports teams.

Active Alliance programming will be implemented both during and after school through:

· Health fairs for the school and community

· Fitness challenges

· Clinics and camps

· Health and wellness lessons

· Regional Highway to Health Festivals

· Basketball court and recreation space revitalization

· Community service projects

Each team will work closely with their HealthCorps coordinators to create a healthy, active school and community.

What is an Active Alliance Ambassador?

Ambassadors will help create a culture of health and wellness at their school, while experiencing different opportunities to develop their leadership and public speaking skills, increase their knowledge of good nutrition and different styles of physical activity and build strategies for mental resilience. We want to inspire a new generation of leaders to be role models for eating well, making healthy life choices and engaging in daily physical activity. We want Ambassadors to feel empowered to advocate the 3 core pillars of HealthCorps: physical activity, nutrition, and resilience amongst their peers and in their communities.